A versatile family of precision chain scanners that can suit a wide range of applications and material types.


  • Adjustable Chain - Ability to scan sizes of 3.8 cm to 96.5 cm. Simple chain setup. Exclusive chain design.

    Encoder - Integrated encoders (built-in-encoder) and spring-loaded encoders for when accuracy is a must.

    Modular Design - One tool for many tasks. Compatible chain links offer infinite solutions. Chain links compatible across entire ROTIX line.

  • Probe Positioning - A Slider PPS (probe positioning system) allows encoded probe positioning along the y-axis in addition to the scanner's x-axis encoding. Rotate the PPS knobs for quick and simple probe positioning without having to remove and mount the scanner and chain.

    Corrosion Scanning - Enhance corrosion scanning with versatility, functionality and simplicity.

    Accessories - Combine powerful accessories to further enhance your scan performance.

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Chain Corrosion Scanner

Manual corrosion scanning with positional and index encoding. Scan non-ferrous pipes/tubes of sizes 10.2 cm - 96.5 cm (4 in - 38 in).

Two Probe Phased Array Scanning

Introducing the ROTIX Phased Array Scanner, the ultimate solution for non-ferrous surface inspections. With its innovative QuickLinks, this scanner easily clamps onto non-ferrous surfaces, providing a secure and reliable attachment. Whether you need to inspect welds or other critical areas, the ROTIX scanner allows you to carry one or two probes to meet your specific inspection requirements. Experience the convenience and efficiency of cantilever inspection for all your non-ferrous materials.

Four Probe Weld Scanning

Unlock the possibilities of efficient and versatile material scanning with the ROTIX - Weld Scanner. This advanced chain scanner is designed to cater to ferrous and non-ferrous materials, making it a versatile solution for various inspection needs. Equipped with spring-loaded encoding, the scanner ensures precise measurements while providing smooth and consistent movement along the surface.


Nozzle Scanning

Optimize your nozzle and fitting weld inspections with the versatile chain scanner platform. This semi-automated solution offers efficiency and precision, making it an invaluable tool for your inspection needs.

Reduced Width Scanner

Minimize the removal of insulation/coating from pipes during weld inspections. With its reduced width and QuickLink chain system, the ROTIX effectively straddles the weld, reducing the overall size of the scanner. This compact design and the encoded probe holding link make it perfect for single or dual-probe weld scans when a minimal footprint is required.


  • Jason Coulas

    Senior Engineer - OPG

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    Possibly the best scanner designs I've seen anywhere yet. I’ve picked up a number of them and the proof is in the use ability and smooth movement. Great work