A versatile family of precision chain scanners that can suit a wide range of applications and material types.


  • Adjustable Chain - Ability to scan sizes of 3.8 cm to 96.5 cm. Simple chain setup. Exclusive chain design.

    Encoder - Integrated encoders (built-in-encoder) and spring-loaded encoders for when accuracy is a must.

    Modular Design - One tool for many tasks. Compatible chain links offer infinite solutions. Chain links compatible across entire ROTIX line.

  • Probe Positioning - A Slider PPS (probe positioning system) allows encoded probe positioning along the y-axis in addition to the scanner's x-axis encoding. Rotate the PPS knobs for quick and simple probe positioning without having to remove and mount the scanner and chain.

    Corrosion Scanning - Enhance corrosion scanning with versatility, functionality and simplicity.

    Accessories - Combine powerful accessories to further enhance your scan performance.

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Chain Corrosion Scanner

Manual corrosion scanning with positional and index encoding. Scan non-ferrous pipes/tubes of sizes 10.2 cm - 96.5 cm (4 in - 38 in).

Two Probe Phased Array Scanner

Two probe cantilever scanning which provides quick probe adjustment and y-axis encoding (with optional encoder).

Four Probe Weld Scanner

Scan both ferrous and non-ferrous materials with this chain scanner. Spring loaded encoding, system brakes, double wheel chain and four probe scanning make this an idea solution.

Nozzle Scanning

Semi-automated nozzle and fitting weld inspection using the versatile chain scanner platform.

Reduced Width Scanner

Designed to reduce the amount of insulation/coating removed from a pipe. The reduced width ROTIX features a double wheel chain system which straddles the weld to reduce scanner size along with the encoded probe holding link. Perfect for single or dual probe weld scans when a minimal footprint is required.


  • Jason Coulas

    Senior Engineer - OPG

    “ copy 8

    Possibly the best scanner designs I've seen anywhere yet. I’ve picked up a number of them and the proof is in the use ability and smooth movement. Great work