Using non-destructive testing to detect flaws in welds, corrosion, and other structural elements. It is used to detect defects in metals, composites, and other materials. Remote Visual Inspection is another application of advanced ultrasonic testing technology. This involves the use of cameras and sensors to inspect objects from a distance. It can be used for object retrieval, cleaning concrete surfaces, or inspecting hard-to-reach areas. These are just some of the applications of advanced ultrasonic testing technology. With its ability to detect flaws quickly and accurately, it has become an invaluable tool for many industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, oil & gas production and more.

AUT Weld and Corrosion Inspection

AUT has been proven to be an accurate and reliable testing method for detecting flaws in welds and corrosion on metal surfaces. It can also be used for remote visual inspection of objects that are difficult or impossible to access with traditional methods. Additionally, it can be used for cleaning concrete and HDPE applications where the material needs to be inspected without damaging it.

Remote Visual Inspection

RVI can be used to assess the safety of components and infrastructure in many different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, construction and energy. Companies can use this technology to save time and money while ensuring that their assets are in good condition. With RVI becoming more accessible due to technological advances, its use will likely continue to expand as a reliable way to inspect assets from afar.

Object Retrieval

Our robot offers safe and reliable access to tight spaces. It can collect and transport objects to the desired location with precise grasping. Our robot offers the perfect solution for inside pipelines, remote access and other difficult access situations.

Concrete / GRP / HDPE / SST

Get the most out of your assets, be it Concrete/GRP/HDPE/SST. Our state-of-the-art non-ferrous robotic technology can be the perfect solution for all types of inspection and maintenance. Keep your High-Density Polyethylene pipelines running efficiently with JIREH products.

Internal Pipe Inspection

Get a precise view inside your pipes with TERAX, the industry's most advanced robotic crawler for internal pipe inspection. Our intuitive functions and real-time video data make it easy to inspect sewers, freshwater lines, petrochemical and power plant pipelines - all with one robot.