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NAVIC is an innovative, steerable, remotely operated robotic system designed to provide powerful and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications. This low-profile, modular robotic system is highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings. The small-diameter motorized robot is capable of automated navigation and manipulation tasks with its onboard sensors and controllers. NAVIC's robust design makes it suitable for use in hazardous environments where human intervention may not be possible. With its advanced features, NAVIC is the perfect tool to help you automate processes quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk.


Get your inspections done faster, safer, and easier than ever with TERAX Automated Pipeline Scanner! Our innovative scanner is perfect for inspecting any flat or circular pipes, whether they're magnetic or non-magnetic - all from the convenience of remote operation. Enjoy easy-to-use features and a wide range of compatible accessories. Stop wasting time and resources on manual scanning - let TERAX do the heavy lifting!


AERIS is a revolutionary vacuum crawler that offers an unbeatable combination of performance, durability, and safety. Powered by non-ferrous technology, it can inspect upside-down on brick and concrete structures for maintenance and scanning purposes. Easily operated by remote control, this robot makes inspection effortless and efficient. Get your hands on AERIS today and experience the future of maintenance technology!


The TRIPOD is the ultimate in robotic maneuverability! With three magnetic wheels and a remote control, you can easily navigate around tight spaces, small diameter pipes, and large tanks with ease. Whether you're using it for NDT inspection, corrosion inspection, maintenance or weld inspection, the TRIPOD offers a variety of configurations for automated scanning along axial or circumferential planes. Get the best stability & accuracy with TRIPOD!