The industry-leading NAVIC is Jireh Industries' most powerful, all-encompassing weld and corrosion scanning solution.


  • Designed to handle intense tasks and challenging environments (dust tight, watertight).

    Enjoy enhanced steering performance during weld tracking.

    Effortlessly perform corrosion mapping with a variety of automated raster arms.

  • Increased capability with pod separation, multiple encoders, accessory mounts and a handheld controller.

    Various probe holder frame configurations allow for carrying between 2 and 8 probes during weld inspection.

    Enhance NAVIC's capability with optional accessories: battery powered laser guide, on-board camera, backpack, cable management, crawler removal system and motorized couplant pump.

  • Magnetic wheels provide the foundation for scan operations on ferrous surfaces.

    The NAVIC can circumnavigate pipes as small as 7 cm (2.75 in) OD while only requiring 7 cm (2.75 in) of radial clearance when low profile scanning is required.

    Program scan and raster paths from up to 30 m (100 ft) away using the intuitive handheld remote control.

  • JIREH backs this product with a limited 3-year warranty.

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Corrosion Mapping Scanner

The NAVIC, in conjunction with the motorized raster arm, is engineered to identify variations in material thickness due to corrosion. Program-specific scan paths are repeatable and highly configurable.

Weld Scanner

Use from 2 to 6 probes to track welds circumferentially or longitudinally. Follow welds free from space constraints with low-profile equipment. The magnetic wheels allow inverted weld inspection to be performed with ease.

Tank Scanner

Magnetic wheels and remotely operated steering allow for exploration and mapping of corroded inspection surfaces. 

Nozzle Scanner

Motorized nozzle scanning platform with three-axis of encoded, positional measurement.


Browse an incredible selection of accessories to help get the most out of your NAVIC system.


  • Murray Nethery

    Nortech Advanced NDE

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    The NAVIC is a BEAST & the customer service that JIREH provides is 2nd to none!

  • Jon Eustace

    Arcanite NDE

    “ copy 8

    Our mission is to provide industry leading NDE processes driven by technology. The NAVIC has been and will continue to be the backbone of our automated Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic solutions.

  • Arilson Silva

    MVA Inspection Inc./ Araujo Engenharia

    “ copy 8

    Jireh NAVIC is no doubt the best multi functional scanner - we are proud to use it in our services.

  • Simon Smith

    Advanced NDT Supervisor, TEAM Industrial Services Inc.

    “ copy 8

    We have been using the Jireh NAVIC since the first day it was released and it has been our go to scanner for nearly all of our piping and vessel work. I particularly love the modular design which allows us to use this scanner for many situations including very low clearance situations, there are not many places you can't go with this scanner! From my experience, the customer service puts Jireh above all the competition and is simply the best in the industry!!! 5 stars out of 5.