A powerful tool with a diminutive form factor. The ODI encoders are perfect when access is limited.


  • Compatible with standard industry probe and wedge combinations.

    The scanner's small size makes it extremely useful during limited access inspection.

    Adjust the encoder to accommodate various pipe diameters or pivot the encoder 90° for additional travel options.

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Single Probe

A straightforward clamp system ensures effortless probe setup. Size allows for single handed operation in confined spaces.


Expand the ODI's probe capacity with two TOFD probes to conduct weld inspection with this simple, no-tools-required, scanner. Handheld operation offers maneuverability, while the spring loaded encoder maintains constant encoder contact.


  • Paul Holloway

    Holloway NDT & Engineering Inc

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    A highwater mark of workmanship and smart, simple design. Perfect on quick, encoded UT scans for maximum efficiency.