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Get your probes safely from point A to point B with the Actuated Probe Lifts. Our innovative system will raise your probe holders above surface obstacles and welds during inspections with the remote-controlled NAVIC crawler. Reduce unnecessary wear on your wedges by remotely lowering and lifting your probes after navigating to the inspection location. 

Optional probe holder arm styles are available. Contact JIREH for information

Part ID: CXG037-01-D

Kit Contents

Actuated Probe Lift

Using the handheld controller, two actuated probe lifts raise and lower probe holders from the scan surface.

Split Auxiliary Cable

This one-metre cable plugs into the NAVIC umbilical and splits to connect to each actuated probe lift.

Frame Bars

Two 10 cm (3.9 in) frame bars provide the mounting point for the actuated probe lifts to attach to the NAVIC.

Hex Driver

For proper operation, the NAVIC's swivel mount must be locked in a horizontal position. The Hex Driver: 2 mm (0.078 in) is required to tighten the NAVIC's set screw on the swivel mount. See the user manual for additional information.

User Manual

Provides the necessary safety warnings and instructions for properly using the Actuated Probe Lifts.

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